Jolie Hair Matrix Shampoo


Jolie hair matrix shampoo is made for the purpose of solving hair problems professionally. We use the latest hair germinating theory and plant extraction technology. The formula is developed based on our hundreds tests. The product can help dilating and dredging the capillaries in the head skin, and facilitate the continuing supplying of hair matrix. Therefore, it can promote the hair growth . | 秋黎毛基质洗发水以生发为目的专业解决头发问题。产品采用最新生发理念和植物提取技术。进行数百次试验研制而成。配方解决了头部皮肤护理、毛细血管扩张疏通以及给毛基质供养问题,促使头发快速生长。

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The company announced the product stream,return policies, will help you to understand the product purchase and subsequent cooperation.| 公司公布产品物流、退换货等政策,了解将对您产品购买以及后续合作有所帮助。

Sales Policy | 销售政策






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