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Jolie is your faithful friend | 秋黎是您忠实的朋友

Ruyikeji Company focuses on the field of hair germinating research and application. Located in Beijing, the company have been on the way of innovating hair germinating for years. After years of exploration and testing, we have developed complete theoretical basis of hair germinating and a strong team of bioresearch, testing, clinic application, which formed a solid foundation of the research and production of our products. produced a series of Jolie hair care products.After years of research and hundreds of tests, we finally developed the shampoo and hair germinal matrix liquid nutrition. As the product was put on the market, its high quality and the high efficient competent services were quickly recognized by consumers, and all of these help establishing an excellent reputation for the company.In the past few years, the company has upgraded several times on the basis of the original products to improve the product's effect. For the user scalp symptoms and causes as well as scalp massage operations and other needs, professional research and development massage comb and berberine instant powder products,improve the overall user cure rate.

Brand Concept | 品牌理念

An idea can make great products. Jolie family to abandon the traditional anti-off philosophy, adhere to the road of innovation germinal..From product research, experimental, clinical, since listing, the company has always been the main directions on how to make hair regrowth, so that the rapid growth of the hair. The company cultureand brand building team has been to make the best products as a goal, thanks for the trust and support with high quality and efficient services. Continuous innovation, endless struggle.

Product description | 产品介绍

The series Jolie products and trademarks are all belong to Ruyikeji Company. The main effect of our products is hair germinating. The Germinating shampoo can help remove the sebum, dander, secretions and any other dirt in the skin and hair from outside, and it can help expandthe capillary in the epidermis and promote blood circulation, and improve the nutrient supply for hair growth. The hair matrix nutrient solution enter the skin mainly by massage, and it can help expand the capillary in the epidermis and promote blood microcirculation, and improve the nutrient supply for the hair follicle. Based on these above, the products can promote the rapid growth of hair and improve the hair quality. instant powder to remove scalp adverse symptoms, to reduce hair follicle function degradation, increase scalp self-healing ability to improve the proportion of chronic hair loss. Massage comb designed to meet the needs of the scalp Huoxue massage, with a unique use of methods to improve massage efficiency, simplify operation, reduce the number of abnormal hair loss caused by massage.

Company Milestones | 重要事件

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